A research conducted by Ministry of Transportation has revealed that 1.3 million commuters travel within, into and out of the city daily. The survey also indicates that commuters are filling their empty moments during commutes by checking Facebook, reading news, looking up information and, browsing products online. More than 40 percent of commuters would consider commuter commerce if it were easier to do – most public transit users identified poor cell phone reception or lack of Wi-Fi as the reason they don’t shop while in transit.


LTE-Fi is ideal for deployment in environments where wired or Wi-Fi connections aren’t available, perfectly suited for transportation deployments, such as trains, buses, boats…etc., to provide high speed Internet access via cellular networks to mobile users. In-vehicle network solutions for buses, trains and ships become a growing trend for Internet access from passengers with mobile devices while they are on the move.


With LTE 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connections, passengers can check emails, read articles, as well as stay on social networks such Twitter and Facebook, to make their travel less bored. Service providers can also benefit from Z-COM, INC. LTE-Fi solution for providing value added services to passengers, giving best and joyful riding experience.









The 4G LTE wireless connectivity, which is 10 to 15 times faster and has 5 times, lower latency than 3G links. In addition, the LTE-Fi supports 802.11ac and three-stream MIMO 3×3:3 which can deliver high speed data rate of up to 1300Mbps in the 5-GHz band. It is nearly 3 times faster compared with other 802.11n Access Points

Flexible Operating Modes, Centralized Management

The LTE-Fi offers a variety of operating modes to meet your network management and deployment requirements. It can be flexibly deployed as a standalone wireless Access Point or as a managed Access Point controlled by Z-COM, INC. AP controllers or cloud-based management system. When managed, each LTE-Fi is automatically configured, making deployment quick and easy.

Zero-Touch Provisioning Makes Management Easy and Simple

Smart RF management such as Auto Channel Selection and Output Power Adjustment optimizes throughput and mitigates interference.

Advanced WLAN features and functions

Advanced wireless networking features, including rogue AP detection, interference detection, role-based user policies, per-user rate-limiting and guest networking services.

LTE+Wi-Fi Convergence

The LTE-Fi supports both 4G LTE wireless WAN and dual-radio WLAN backhaul on the same platform.

Enhance Security And Boost Brand Awareness

The LTE-Fi solution supports highly customized portal pages which largely benefit the access authentication and can take advantage of the virtually limitless potential that captive portals possess to raise brand awareness

Improve Supervision And Safety

With Z-COM, INC. zCloud, the GPS-built-in LTE-Fi gives you instant access to the location and status of your fleet vehicles, helping you improve fleet supervision. We also monitor unsafe driving such as car speed to help improve the safety and security of your vehicles and drivers.

Robust design

The LTE-Fi is designed to handle the roughest of terrains without coming unscrewed or breaking. It was tested according to E-Mark standard to ensure that access points are protected against bumpy roads.



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IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac LTE-Fi In-Vehicle AP


IEEE 802.11ac with 3G/LTE Backhaul and Dual SIM LTE-Fi In-Vehicle AP




Case Study

Taoyuan Fire Department Taiwan Y5Bus Hot Spot Smart Penghu Nanjing InBus HotSpot