Due to the distance and terrain factors in rural areas, deploying a wired network is bound to be huge and costly. It requires a lot of resources and manpower, the construction time is long and maintenance is difficult.

Under these circumstances, the internet is usually not popularly used in rural areas. The lack of network construction will stagnate residents’ living standard.


Perfect Wireless Solutions Beyond the Distance


Deploying wireless network solves all the matters. With the advantages of high flexibility, low cost and easy installation , it’s the most economical way to connect rural areas with the world.

ZCOM provides the most cost-effective wireless solutions beyond the distance. Our outdoor wireless equipment can deal with complex environment,  withstands the dust and water. In addition, high-powered antenna offers wide coverage while enabling stable and high-performance connection.

Application Scenarios


Remote schools

Connect to the Internet through ZCOM’s outdoor APs and CPEs, learning will not only be limited to face-to-face teaching. Digital learning shortens the gap between urban and rural education.



Sightseeing Spots

Deploying WIFI hotspots at remote sightseeing spots, visitors can share photos with friends and relatives, or search for travel information via high-speed Internet. It can strengthen the tourism industry and drive economic development.


Security monitoring

Installing a DVR system in rural areas will encounter wiring problems. The most efficient way is to adopt  wireless transmission. ZCOM’s CPE supports long distance transmission, and the POE function can avoid unstable power supply, brings you perfect performance beyond the distance.



Through ZCOM’s outdoor APs and CPEs, deploying comprehensive wireless network among dispersed residences, connects rural areas with the world. Perfect communications reverse the economy and enhance the living standard.




System Architecture

  • Set a center point which connects the internet, provides wide coverage and connects multiple devices in a Point-to-Multipoint manner.
  • Through the CPEs, users receive wireless signals outside and then bring the network to the home via cables.
  • Public areas receive signals through outdoor APs and provide the WiFi to mobile devices.


*This architecture is representational application. Each wireless installation can vary due to many different environmental factors.



Our Benefits


IP67 Rating

Our IP67 durable, weatherproof case withstands outdoor conditions, including dust, wind, rain and snow


Stable & Seamless Performance

Self-Organizing Network and Airtime Fairness functions optimize the connectivity and ensure the network be stable and seamless

Wide Coverage

Our reserved external antenna port enables better coverage range as required 


PoE out

PoE function eliminates the need for an external power supply and simplifies the wiring


Easy to Set-up and Maintain

Easy installation and intuitive management reduce the need for dedicated IT personnel resources


Affordable Enterprise Wireless

Delivering a high-performance Wi-Fi but also affordable price compared with others


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Outdoor AP

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IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac dual band concurrent high power 802.11ac WAVE2 Outdoor AP


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