As Internet usage becomes more and more popular, users have an increasing expectation for wireless connectivity. They are sick and tired of unstable connections, dropped packets, and erratic performance. They need a reliable wireless system that provides better coverage, quality, and stability.

ZCOM offers the optimized solution. It combines high-gain RF signal, and centralized management with 802.11ac WAVE2– all within a secure, scalable, and simple-to-use platform, for unprecedented coverage and performance at an affordable price.




Easy Management  for IT Staff

ZCOM’s high performance APs and WLCs enable IT staff to deploy a stable and safe network. The standard functions provided by our WLCs allow the IT staff to manage the network in an effective way.


An additional WLC is used as a backup. When the primary WLC fails, the AP automatically switches to the backup WLC. Once the primary WLC restarts, the AP will switch back to it.


Centralized Forwarding Architecture

All AP management and client data traffic are sent to the WLC through the secure CAP/WAP tunnel. Then WLC forwards the wireless data traffic to the outbound network and vice versa. It provides unified, secure wireless traffic management



Authentication and Authorization

  • Access Control by VLAN or SSID
  • URL Black & White List
  • User authentication through RADIUS server
  • User portal authentication control through built-in or external portal server
  • Wireless Authentication: Open/Shared/802.1x/WPA/WPA2/PSK


AP Load Balancing

  • The WLC’s smart load balancing algorithm automatically determines which AP to balance clients based on:
  • Numbers of clients
  • Traffic load on APs
  • This avoids too many mobile devices connected to a single AP and leads to network bottlenecks.





Application Scenarios

Shopping Mall

The crowd brings business. In large-scale malls, there are many dead spots without 4G signals. Therefore, deploying a wide range of hotspots provides customers with an excellent wireless environment that can attract people and enhance customer satisfaction.

ZCOM helps you to build a perfect wireless network. In addition to a stable connection, you can get user’s MAC address through our WLC, analyze their shopping preferences and bring great value.


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become a trend in recent years. Through ZCOM’s indoor AP, supporting high-density Internet access is no longer a difficulty. While ensuring the quality of wireless networks, the WLC provides comprehensive management capabilities to control traffic and provide seamless security.



The quality of wireless networks has become an important factor in people’s choice of hotels. Bad Wi-Fi experience not only affects the mood of guests but also the future choices of other people.

ZCOM offers you a customized solution. Through our APs, deliver stable, reliable WiFi, and wide coverage with no dead spots. Plus, the WLC can do centralized control and management, optimize the connectivity for all devices.



SMB (Small-Medium Business)

High-performance Wi-Fi is now necessary for SMBs. With stable WiFi , it can go smoothly whether in a video conference or presentation, and warehouse keeper can do mobile inventory management easily.

ZCOM provides you both easy and affordable solution. Manage all deployed APs through the WLC, provide a variety of user authentication and authorization. You definitely can enjoy comprehensive management functions and improve work efficiency with limited budget.




System Architecture


Under a centralized forwarding architecture, a separate tunnel is established between the AP and the WLC to transmit data, and all the data traffic are forwarded through the WLC.





Under a local forwarding architecture, all management functions are still controlled by the WLC, but the data does not need to go through the WLC, and is forwarded directly by the AP.




Our Benefits


Unmatched Scalability

Z-COM’s WLC can easily serve small to medium deployments


Easy Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Customized dashboard provides comprehensive at-a-glance network snapshot and allows drill down to troubleshoot wireless problems


Centralized User Information Management

The unified management of user authentication and security provides the seamless roaming in different APs


Flexible Forwarding Architecture

Customized forwarding architecture provides alternative to send data traffic directly from the WLC or AP


Full Range of Functions

Support advanced management functions, including rogue AP detection, interference detection, role-based user policies, per-user rate-limiting and guest networking services



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Case Study

Hong Guang Middle School St. Lucia GiNet